Established in 1974, Sarasota is the oldest continuously running BMX track in America.  Over those many years it has hosted countless state, regional and national races.  A cornerstone of Florida BMX racing, SRQBMX has worked with the former National Bicycle League, the current Sunshine State Association and USA BMX.

The track has hosted the Strider World Championships from 2011 to 2013 – bringing smiles to age 5 and under riders from all over the planet.  The Sarasota Track Team has won the Florida Commissioner’s Cup six years in a row.  In 2016 the track underwent construction to become Sarasota BMX Supercross where it now hosts UCI World Cup races.

Board (Officers)

  • President – Ben Danielo
  • Vice President – Nathan Jones
  • Secretary – Alice Bixler
  • Treasurer – Karen Vittone

Board (Track Officials) 

  • Track Director – Martin Morales
  • Asst Track Director – Brett Jacobsen
  • Track Head Official – Nathan Jones
  • Track Clerk of Course – Erma Miller
  • Track Head Scorer – Erin Krill

Additional Positions

  • Bookkeeper – Erma Miller
  • Awards chair – Belinda Stokes
  • Website/Promotional Material/Monthly Calendar – Jon Doty
  • Volunteer Coordinator – Position Open
  • Track Manager – Johan Lindstrom
  • Concessionaire – Heather and Dave Feikema
  • Restroom Weekly Maintenance – Position Open
  • Grass/Weeds Maintenance – Dave Miller

Mission Statement

SRQ BMX, Inc. (a non for profit organization dba Sarasota BMX) operates a program of progression for Bicycle Motocross (BMX) and its athletes from youth riders to Olympic Champions. The program identifies future talent and prepares younger athletes with potential. The program develops riding skill technique (along with emphasis on nutrition) which prepares them for National/International competition and creates world class athletes.

SRQBMX Bylaws 2018

SRQBMX Policies and Procedures 2018

SRQBMX Basic Standards for Board Membership 2018